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Pan American Child Congress

The Pan American Child Congress is one of the three organs of the IIN (along with the Directing Council and the Direction General), its objective is to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge among member states of the inter-American system.

Since 1916, Pan American Congresses have been forums for dialogue, reflection, and communication, which have revealed the different levels achieved by the countries of the Americas in developing policies towards children and adolescents.

They also constitute a political and technical event, not only because of the exchange of information, experiences, and knowledge, but also because of the opportunity to analyze the policies implemented by the different governments of the OAS member states, as well as their successes and the challenges still confronted by these policies related to children and adolescents in the Americas.

Participants include Ministers, State Secretaries, and other high-level government authorities specializing in matters related to childhood and adolescence. They have the character of Inter-American Specialized Conferences when they are held by resolution of the OAS General Assembly or of the Consultative Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.


  • XXII Congress (Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, 2019)
  • XXI Congress (Brasilia, Brasil, 2014)
  • XX Congress (Lima-Peru, 2009)
  • XIX Congress (México, 2004)
  • XVIII Congress (Argentina,1999)
  • XVII Congress (CostaRica,1993)
  • XVI Congress (U.S.A,1984)
  • XV Congress (Uruguay,1977)
  • XIV Congress (Chile,1973)
  • XIII Congress (Ecuador,1968)
  • XII Congress (Argentina,1963)
  • XI Congress (Colombia,1959)
  • X Congress (Panamá,1955)
  • IX Congress (Venezuela,1948)
  • VIII Congress (U.S.A,1942)
  • VII Congress (México, 1935)
  • VI Congress (Perú,1930)
  • V Congress (Cuba,1927)
  • IV Congress (Chile,1924)
  • III Congress (Brasil,1922)
  • II Congress (Uruguay,1919)
  • I Congress (Argentina, 1916)

The Directing Council is one of the three organs of the IIN (along to the Pan American Child Congress and the Directorate General), made up of representatives of the OAS Member States, who in their great majority are high-level national authorities in the matter of public policies on behalf of children and adolescents.

The Directorate General is responsible for implementing the programmes approved by the Directing Council, designing new programmes and activities, submitting management reports to the Directing Council and the General Assembly of the OAS (through the General Secretariat) and cooperating with Member States, providing information and technical assistance regarding matters in which it is competent.

During the second plenary session of the 93° Regular Meeting of the IIN´s Directing Council (Panama, 2018), the Council unanimously resolved to present to the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, the candidacy of Víctor Giorgi Gómez (Director), for his re-election for the period 2019-2022.

By mandate of the OAS General Assembly, the Inter-American Children´s Institute sends its annual management reports approved by its Directing Council.

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